Mission Statement:   

Billy the Bee’s mission is to increase awareness of the stress being placed on the bee population, to raise funds by selling sustainably-sourced honey products, and donating 100% of the profits to bee organizations to Save the Bees.

Why is Billy fighting for the bees?

Bees have the ultimate selfless job, all they do is contribute to our world and share their honey, yet our habits and environmental changes are making them disappear faster and faster each day. Parasites, pesticides, poor nutrition, and disease are killing honeybee colonies across the world. Honeybees are an integral part of our environment as they are the key pollinator. If the bees go extinct, it would create a chain reaction destroying ecosystems and making species of plants and animals extinct, affecting our lives as we know it. Although the bees are facing these dangers, we can do our part to keep the bees alive and flourishing.

How can you help Billy Save the Bees?

You may be reading this and thinking that this problem is more than one person can handle, and the truth is, it starts with YOU! Here are a few ways we can help contribute to keeping the bees buzzing!

  • Bee aware of the products you are using: Take a look at the products you are using at home such as bath and body products, Honey itself, and other items. If you are buying products that include honey, find out how these companies source it and if they are environmentally conscious. Honey is not always sourced in ways that are friendly and kind to bees. Bees share their natural gift and we need to return the favor by sourcing it in a way that does not harm them.   (Billy sources all of our honey from Bonita Springs, Florida, using ethical and sustainable processes!)
  • Plant a bee friendly garden: Provide a safe space for bees at your home by introducing flowers and plants that provide a consistent habitat for bees. Some plants to consider are honeysuckle, sunflowers, and cosmos. Make sure to keep it natural and do not use harmful pesticides which are detrimental to bees and one of the major causes of them dying.
  • Bee educated on our flying friends: Take the time to do a little research on the bees and what changes you might be able to make in your day to day to help keep them flourishing! (Billy is constantly working with environmental experts to stay educated and spread awareness on the challenges bees face)

What does it mean to support Billy?

Billy the Bee has one goal and one goal only. We want to save the bees and ensure the flourishing of their species for generations to come. Billy the Bee is more than just a company that sells products. We are a non-profit that donates 100% of our profits to various environmental organizations that have a focus on bee education and preservation.  This means we cannot do it alone. Billy needs your help to make our goal a reality. Rather than taking a traditional non-profit approach, when you give money to this cause, you get something physical in return for your contribution. We have created a wide array of artisanal products from soaps and lip balms, to various flavors of nutritional honey! All of our products are sourced ethically and environmentally friendly. When you buy from Billy, you are contributing to a cause that will be enjoyed by generations to come


We are the brand that keeps on buzzing!